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TЯ Andrew

Indigenous BirthKeeper and Lactation Counselor

Kiowa, Chichimeca

TR (pronounced tee- air) is a guest on Coast Salish and Duwamish lands and works as a full spectrum birthkeeper for Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services. Originally, from the homelands of her Kiowa and Chichimeca ancestors of Texas, TR grew up in a large family and learned birth keeping traditions from her T'ahlee (paternal grandmother) Maria.

TR is a mother of seven and has been with her partner for 20 years.  She enjoys beading, reading, walking in the woods and reconnecting and learning about the local plant relatives. TR is trained in traditional birthkeeping, lactation, and death care as well as peer counseling. She is also a trained herbalist and cannabis doula. TR uses her skills to create a brave space for her clients to discover and follow that path they want to take as they grow in parenting.

TR believes that all people have a traditional way of knowing and as a birth keeper she enjoys being a guide to help parents to reconnect with that way. TR works to decolonize and reconnect with traditional ways and build community every day. She believes that it is through parenting, community, sovereignty, and justice that we will build a better world for all future generations to come.