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Tia Yazzie

Abundance Auntie


Yá’át’ééh. Shi éí Tia Noelle Yazzie yinishyé. Honágháahnii nishłį. Tódích’íí’nii bashishchiin.
Honágháahnii dashicheii. Mą’ii deeshgiizhinii dashinalí. Shi éí Tséhootsóoí déé’ naashá. Ákót’éego diné
asdzáán nishłį́.

Tia Yazzie (she/her) is from the Navajo Reservation located in Arizona. She is from the
One-Who-Walks-Around clan, born for the Bitter-Water clan. Her maternal grandparent’s clan is
One-Who-Walks-Around and her paternal grandparent’s clan is Coyote Pass. Tia comes from a
multi-generational household and is one of six siblings. Tia was blessed with becoming an Auntie at the
early age of 10 years old with the birth of her nephew Michon, however, Tia held many caretaking roles
before this as she is the eldest daughter of her family. To this day, Tia embraces this responsibility without
hesitation and loves being a protector, caretaker, and advocate for all her relatives, community, land, and
our more-than-human kin.

Tia obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College in Native American Studies and Psychology in
2019. Upon graduation, Tia held various positions serving the urban Native American community in Salt
Lake City, UT at the Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake and the Salt Lake City School District. Tia recently
graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Social Work (MSW) and specialized in
clinical mental health while also obtaining a graduate certificate in American Indian/Indigenous Studies.
Tia advocates for and centers Indigenous epistemologies, knowledge systems, frameworks, stars, dreams,
stories, and culture in her work and daily life, and believes that these are vital, valid, and important
pathways for intergenerational healing and the futurity of our Indigenous communities.

Outside of work and school, Tia is an avid basketball player and enjoys watching, playing, and coaching
basketball (Go Phoenix Suns!). Tia also loves beading, sewing, adding to her sneaker collection, creating
Apple or Spotify playlists, sharing memes, and visiting her grandparents.