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Out of state abortion Care

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Out of State Abortion Care

Abortion is a universal sexual passage. It deserves respect, community, support, & dialogue. Access to care before, during, & after abortion is a basic human right & needs to be viewed as an integral part of healthcare for individuals & society as a whole.

1 in 3 Americans will have an abortion by the age of 45.

6 out of 10 of those people have at least 1 child already. (source: Samantha Zipporah)

After the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade in June, Minnesota’s Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan, a member of the White Earth Ojibwe Tribe, wrote on social media, “In Minnesota, your reproductive rights will stay protected. …Abortion is health care. Period.” She wasn’t just expressing the health care policy of Minnesota; she was also expressing the long-standing viewpoint of many Indigenous peoples. For thousands of years, reproductive health care has been an important part of Indigenous peoples’ cultural practices, which include religious rituals, sacred rites, and the right to abortion. (source: YES Magazine)

Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services has received a rapid response fund to support Indigenous peoples’ living in rural Washington and neighboring states where abortion is no longer accessible. This includes covering costs associated in seeking abortion services. This includes travel, hotel, lost wages, childcare, and costs for the procedure or medication.

For people receiving care in King County, we are also able to provide support with one of our BirthKeepers.

For more information and resources on abortion options, legal implications, funding, and support at local and national levels, visit Shout Your Abortion

If you believe you are eligible for this rapid response funding, follow the link to our interest form and we will reach out to you.


How do I know if I'm eligible?

To qualify for this funding you must:

  • Be pregnant and have documentation of your pregnancy
  • Identify as American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AI/AN/NH/PI)
  • Live in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, or Wyoming or rural Washington.
  • Live in a region where abortion is not accessible and transportation to another city or state is necessary.
What can the money be used for? And how much can I receive?

We will provide what we can based on each individual's needs and circumstances. Awards can be anywhere from $50 and up to $2000 depending on need. Once you fill out the interest form, you will be contacted by one of our staff members to do an intake interview. Funding can cover costs associated in seeking abortion services. This includes travel, hotel, lost wages, childcare, and costs for the procedure or medication.

How will I receive the assistance?

For smaller amounts we can provide direct payments. For larger amounts we will either reimburse people once they submit receipts, or will directly purchase items (such as airfare or lodging accommodations). We designed this process with flexibility to support each individuals’ unique circumstances and will determine the details during the intake interview.

What kind of care do full spectrum birthkeepers provide?

Our full-spectrum birthkeepers  provide practical support for the physical, emotional, and psychological experiences that are related to abortion, as well as monitor for potential complications. Also known as abortion doulas, they provide support before, during, and after for people who are having abortions. The type of support depends on the type of procedure (in clinic vs. out of clinic, medication v. procedural). This support can be virtual or phone support as well as in-person depending on the type of care and intimacy desired. They may also support logistics around scheduling, transportation, meals, and creating a network of support.

Learn more about full spectrum care
What is choice-counseling?

Also known as “all options counseling,” is unbiased, judgment-free, and open hearted information shared with someone who is wanting to understand more about all their options for care when it comes to pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and abortion. More information can be found at all-options.org.

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