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Alice Oligario

Home Visitor

Squamish, Nanaimo First Nations & Filipina

Alice is a Kaya/Elder, born on Bainbridge Island and raised on the family strawberry field homestead. She raised her two children in San Diego and Guam, then made her way back to Washington in 2000. She has five grandchildren.

Alice started working with Native and Pacific Islander families as a Kaya and home visitor in 2018. She is an advocate for families wanting to connect with their cultural traditions.  

These past few years Alice has need guiding and teaching native brothers and sisters how to create/design their own prayer/ribbon skirts, shirts, dresses, vests, and button blankets for ceremonies, pow wows, sweats, etc.  Her vision/dream to share and teach the skills so the knowledge can be passed down to future generations. She teaches classes regularly in the Seattle area.