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Charlotte Pfeiffer

Home Visitor/Health Educator

Klamath Tribes

Charlotte is an adoptee, born in Klamath Falls and raised in the Portland area. She moved to Washington in 2007 to study social work, believing, like Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services, that “abundance and generosity are a community responsibility”. Over the past decade Charlotte has had the opportunity to work with families of all ages and sizes. She enjoys getting to know each family’s unique interests and dynamics, believing strongly that everyone deserves non judgemental support and a sense of belonging.

Charlotte is passionate about supporting strong attachment within families, maintaining/reclaiming traditional language and cultural practices, and assisting families navigating through new journeys. She strives to bring joy, warmth and little sass to her work. Charlotte lives in Seattle and enjoys snuggling with her gray tabby cat, baking, and backpacking in her free time.