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Chrissy Harris

Operations Manager

Kaigani Haida, Katzie First Nation and Filipino

Is our amazing Operations Manager here at Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services. She has worked in the Native American/Alaska Native nonprofit community in Seattle for the past sixteen years, taking on many different roles. She served as Administrative Director for 7 years of that time. During that time, she ensured nonprofit organizational compliance by maintaining HR policies, Board by Laws, Facility and Event Operations, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with the community and with funders. She is a proud Kaigani Haida Native and Filipino American Mother of 4 and Grandmother (Naánaa) of 2, who was born and raised in the Seattle area. “I joined Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services to help serve the mission and vision and integrate my native values and cultural knowledge into my work. As an Urban Native myself and through my years of experience working with the community, I am very passionate about serving our Native Urban population because I see that access to such services are vital for the survival of our culture to thrive and to heal from the historical drama we have endured.”