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D'Ana Valenzuela

Home Visitor

Chicana/Chihene Ndee

D’Ana was raised in southern New Mexico. learning about the waters of the Gila River, the ways of gathering wild medicines and foods, while walking in the mountains and canyons where her Apache and Mexican ancestors lived. She is a mom of 6, a grandmother of one, and an auntie to many. She’s been an apprentice-trained birth keeper for 30 years, plant medicine student, traditional farmer, and educator. She embodies the laws of nature, recognizing the wisdom shared to us by Mother Earth which teaches us how to conduct ourselves in relation with the world around us, including our non-human and human relatives.

D’Ana believes every parent has the skills to be the best parent to their children. She understands the challenges of parenting, especially the struggles with food and housing insecurity, lack of extended community support, parenting in isolation and the need for community connection. She is an avid advocate and will help families navigate through the system of resources meanwhile building on the parents’ existing strengths and knowledge base.

“I am the wilderness, I am the waters of the river, I am the mountains.”

“Every Indigenous birth is a prayer from our ancestors answered”