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Devi Mudaliar

Indigenous BirthKeeper and Lactation Counselor

Indo-Fijian and Native Hawaiian

Devi is a first generation Indo-Fijian Native Hawaiian. She’s been a nurturer her whole life, with 13 years of personal experience having birthed her three daughters. She is constantly learning about holistic healings and Indigenous ceremonies that can be beneficial for birthing families. She loves adding new tools to her doula bag!

Devi appreciates how our program embodies healing, hope, love, and how we aim to care for each other in community with cultural sovereignty.

In the labor room, she is not afraid to get down on her knees to hold the lower back of a birthing person drenched in sweat. She will also fearlessly stand up to advocate for birthing families and their right to receive respectful and equitable care. However, she is most comfortable sitting on the floor, as a guest in their space and also as an anchor, a grounding cord. Devi always communicates clearly without judgment or attachment to the birthing person's choices. She  eagerly follows their lead and trusts in their power in creating their story. But she can also appreciate the importance of holding space for families when their birth experiences aren't what they expect. There's room to hold all of that as sacred because the perinatal experience can be so unpredictable.

Born and raised in Seattle, she often can be found taking advantage of all the PNW has to offer,  which includes a lot of fun parks, enjoying boba, kombucha, and so many other delicious teas.

“Let that one go,” - Devi