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Kristin Lightfeather

Indigenous BirthKeeper Lead and Lactation Counselor

Comanche, Ojibwe

Originally from Tennessee, Kristin is a mother of three. Her children are her lifeline! She strives to be at her best solely for them. She enjoys sewing, beading, dancing, hitting the powwow trail and exploring new experiences.

Kristin earned her Early Childhood Education degree at North Seattle College. In the last 14 years working for childcare centers and community based organizations, she’s developed her reflective practice, supporting families with a trauma-informed lens. She is particularly passionate about supporting families with special needs and parents in recovery. Kristin enjoys showing them that they are the best parent for their child, in how they play with them, interact with them, and how they are their child’s first and best teachers.

When traumatic loss struck her family, Kristin pushed her way into the medical field and earned her medical assistant certification at Pima. It was an eye opening experience for Kristin to see how white supremacy manifests in Western medicine, especially for clinics that serve BIPOC communities. It inspired her to push further to train as an Indigenous full-spectrum birthkeeper, lactation counselor and midwifery assistant. Embracing traditional ways of how we raise our families, how we care for each other and recognize that we are not alone and that every parent holds the power within themselves to be the best for their child – these are Kristin’s values that center her birthwork. 

“Your power is showing!” - Kristin Lightfeather