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Tanala Weaver

Indigenous Birthkeeper


As an enrolled Cowlitz tribal member, Tanala is a proud mother of five children and she had a long term breastfeeding experience with all of them. She strives to make sure her multicultural family understands their roots and the strength of all their ancestors. 

Tanala’s professional experience started when she earned her CNA certification in 2000. In 2006, she earned her Medical Assistant certification and has enjoyed working for several Internal Medicine and Family practice clinics. As a teenage mom when she had her oldest, Tanala was always inspired to work with birthing people, wishing she could support families in the ways she wanted support when she was a new mom. When she was accepted into Rhonda Grantham’s Center for Indigenous Midwifery Childbirth Educator program, she knew she was finally set to get closer to her goals. She then took Rhonda’s Midwife Assistant course in 2021. In November of 2022, she was accepted into Hummingbird’s first Indigenous Doula Training cohort and is ready to support families in the ways she yearned for as a young mother.

“It’s powerful because you’re providing support as a community member and a relative. You’re not telling them how to be a good parent because we know we are the best parents for our children. You’re encouraging them, supporting them. I share my passion connecting to our roots by encouraging families to find their strength from their traditions.” - Tanala