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Tess Abrahamson-Richards, MPH

Director of Data Sovereignty

Spokane Tribe

Tess Abrahamson-Richards, MPH (she/her) is a citizen of the Spokane Tribe and has lived here
in Seattle on Coast Salish territory for the past 17 years. A lifelong urban Native, she was born in
London, England before spending most of her childhood in Spokane on her maternal ancestral
homelands. Tess is a mother of two and is currently pursuing her PhD in Social Welfare at the
University of Washington where her research is focused on Indigenous reproductive justice,
holistic family wellbeing, and access to parental leave. Prior to joining Hummingbird, Tess spent
12 years working in Indigenous evaluation and research roles in university and private sector
settings. In those positions, she served on the leadership team for a multisite evaluation of
Tribal early childhood home visiting programs and led and contributed to a variety of other
Indigenous early childhood, higher education, and public health focused projects. Tess is
passionate about evaluation that centers participants’ voices, Indigenous methods, community
action, stories, and strengths. She is grateful to our local Indigenous community for all of the
beautiful, nurturing, creative, resistant and reclaiming spaces we share in and the healing
legacies we continue to build across generations.