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T'leeuh Antone

Indigenous BirthKeeper and Lactation Counselor

Akimel O'odham

T’leeuh (they/them) is an indigi-queer Community Auntie established in 1999 by their first nephew Caleb and is one of eight siblings. In the last 20 years, they have worn many hats - from being in parent and early education and all-around family support roles, to being a forever student of arts, activism, plant care. T’leeuh has worked with families both in their home community on Akimel O’odham land, The River People of Southern Arizona, for many years before moving and living in Coast Salish territory for the last ten years.  
T’leeuh centers using people’s natural ability to create through food, storytelling, visual art, music, movement and creating rituals, including the ultimate rituals of the beginnings and endings of life. T’leeuh’s passions include full life circle care with training as a full-spectrum birthkeeper, in lactation support, harm reduction approaches to care, and has a soft spot for the sacred postpartum healing period including integrating traditional and modern ceremonies for welcoming new family and community members. T’leeuh’s doula practice includes many sacred transitions including death work and grief support counseling.

When they are not in the art studio or tinkering in graphic design, T’leeuh enjoys their winnings at bingo, attempting to cook vegetarian meals, traveling home to visit family and other Indigenous communities, and hubs- internationally and on Turtle Island with an expressed purpose to finding the best street art.  

“Keep traditions going, the love and care we hold for community has never stopped. Colonial birthing systems are not the standard - our birthing practices and indigenous support are. That is sacred AF.”